Project overview

Research Area A
Neuronal processing and integration of sensory information

Project PI Description
A1 Tegenthoff How does visual perceptual learning interact with plastic changes and excitability in human visual cortex?
A2 Jancke Stability and plasticity of activity and specificity maps in early visual cortex
A5 Dinse / Höffken Cortical and behavioural correlates of somatosensory plasticity: bottom-up vs. top-down modulation
A8 Schmidt-Wilcke Investigation of cortical plasticity that underlies the transition between perceptual and semantic learning in the human brain
A10 Pleger Predictive coding for tactile detection and tactile learning
A11 Klaes / Axmacher The relationship between implicit and explicit visuomotor task learning in hippocampus and parietal cortex

Research Area B
Sensory representation and memory

Project PI Description
B1 Manahan-Vaughan How do sensory systems interact with the hippocampus in the formation of hippocampal synaptic plasticity and spatial memory?
B2 Cheng Theory of the interplay between sensory cortices and hippocampus in memory formation and retrieval
B3 Manahan-Vaughan Sensory integration of place and head-direction cells
B4 Wolf Memories of a stressful episode: A special role for olfactory cues?
B5 Güntürkün The Emergence of Perceptual Categories at Forebrain Level
B10 Herlitze /
Cerebellar-Hippocampal regulation of sensory information processing and cognition
B11 Axmacher Shaping of object representations by cognitive and emotional factors
B12 Masseck Mechanisms underlying changes in hippocampal information processing by neuromodulation
B13 Rose From categories to concepts: Neurophysiology of network dynamics during abstract learning

Area Z

Project PI Description
Z1 Manahan-Vaughan Graduate Programme (Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG))
Z2 Heiler /
Outreach Project
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