Project A8 (Schmidt-Wilcke)

Graphic: Frederick Junker

Investigation of cortical plasticity that underlies the transition between perceptual and semantic learning in the human brain


Practicing and learning are thought to both induce and result from neuroplasticity, which can occur at multiple levels of neural organization, ranging from synaptic plasticity to changes in complex neural circuitry. Modern brain imaging techniques are capable of detecting macro-changes in brain function, connectivity, and regional morphology. In the current project we use these techniques to investigate how cortical plasticity enables new levels of processing, specifically the transition from perceptual to lexico-semantic analysis.

Principal Investigator

Project A8

Prof. Dr. Tobias Schmidt-Wilcke

Neurologisches Zentrum
Bezirksklinikum Mainkofen

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Klinische Neurowissenschaften
und Medizinische Psychologie
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