International Student Fellowship

The International Student Fellowship is a six-month, English-taught introductory programme for talented graduates from abroad, as a preparation for the actual PhD Programme. Participants become familiar with laboratory routines, research topics of SFB 874 and learn the skills which they need to begin a PhD project within the Collaborative Research Centre. Financing is provided by a short-term scholarship. After completing the immersion programme successfully, the candidate will be accepted into the PhD Programme of SFB 874 and participate in the study programme.

Currently, no more applications can be accepted.


  • Monthly scholarship of 1197 € plus 103 € for material resources for a maximum of 6 months,
  • Theoretical and practical training in the research fields of SFB 874,
  • State-of-the-art technology,
  • Network of internationally renowned scientists,
  • Integration into the social and cultural life of Ruhr-Universität and the city of Bochum.


The programme is aimed at foreign graduates who have not previously worked in Germany and who meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • A Master’s, diploma or equivalent degree in neuroscience, biology, chemistry, psychology or other neuroscience-related fields,
  • An experimental thesis or otherwise proven experimental knowledge,
  • Excellent certificates (a final grade that is at least equivalent to 1.7 in the German system),
  • Fluent English skills,
  • An interest in the research areas of SFB 874.