Press Releases

Here you can find the current press releases of SFB 874.
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06. December 2023 - Comparable memory strategies

Jackdaws improve their memory performance by classifying continuous stimuli into categories. Read more

14. November 2023 - When we feel things that are not there

The discovery of the "phantom touch illusion" provides new insights into human perception. Read more

16. June 2023 - Tracing the evolutionary origin of cognitive flexibility

Research team has discovered new neuronal network mechanisms. Read more

13. June 2023 - Understanding the brain better

Insights into a fascinating world - that's what it's all about on 27 September at the RUB. The neuroscientists invite you. Read more

11. May 2023 - Our thoughts alter our tactile perception

Do we always perceive the world in the same way? A hypnosis experiment proves that we certainly don’t. Read more

24. March 2023 - Important stress questionnaire now available in German

Bochum research team has developed a German version of the "Stress Overload Scale". Read more

02. February 2023 - A new tool for studying processes in the cerebellum

Light-activated protein helps trace signalling pathways in nerve cells. Read more

21. December 2022 - SFB 874 supports research training at EPFL in Switzerland

Scientific insights and appreciation for the RUB-cafeteria. Read more

16. December 2022 - Serotonin enters, light exits

Researchers develop 'sDarken' sensors to measure neuromodulator dynamics in the brain. Read more

14. December 2022 - Twelve years of successful work on "Integration and Representation of Sensory Processes"

Collaborative Research Centre 874 says goodbye. Read more

17. November 2022 - Bochum primary school pupils paint the brain of the future

IGSN and SFB 874 honour winners of the 2022 painting competition. Read more

14. November 2022 - Communication as part of research

Junior researchers explore the world of media and social media. Read more