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23. April 2021 - From individual receptors towards whole-brain function

Researchers regard the overall distribution of receptors in the brain – the receptome – as a new approach for computer models and for diagnostics and therapy of mental disorders. Read more

31. March 2021 - SFB 874 / IGSN Conference

Welcome to Our international Conference on April 27th and 28th 2021. Online registration is now open. Read more

20. December 2020 - How one pain suppresses the other

The body knows various mechanisms that dampen painful sensations. They can be examined with new methods. Read more

10. December 2020 - Children's pictures on advertisement pillars in Bochum

From December 18 to December 31, 2020, the results of the IGSN / SFB 874 painting competition will be exhibited in the city centre of Bochum. Read more

09. December 2020 - Visual short-term memory is more complex than previously assumed

Scientists study short-term memory - using the example of a banana. Read more

07. December 2020 - What use is a fine sense of smell to me?

Dr. Anika Pützer talks about the sense of smell. Read more

18. September 2020 - How researchers look at the bird brain in action

A research team examined pigeon brains using fMRI while the birds were actively involved in a discrimination task. Read more

31. August 2020 - People with increased risk of Alzheimer’s have deficits in navigating

To unmask their impairments, researchers had to come up with a unique experimental design. Read more

27. August 2020 - Painting competition for pupils from Bochum

The IGSN and the SFB 874 have announced a joint painting competition on the subject of learning. Read more

22. July 2020 - Scientists observe learning processes online in the brain

Tactile stimulation repeatedly administered changes neuronal processing in the hand area of the brain. Read more

12. May 2020 - Why visual perception is a decision process

Visual illusion uncovers processing strategies of the brain. Read more

23. April 2020 - How hearing loss in old age affects the brain

The brain doesn’t cope well with age-related deafness and memory suffers. Read more