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Here you can find the current press releases of SFB 874.
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28. April 2022 - Sensory encoding and the emergence of memory

Neuroscientists discuss current research topics at the SFB 874/IGSN Conference at Ruhr-Universität Bochum. Read more

23. March 2022 - Professor Patrik Krieger

We mourn the loss of our colleague, Professor Patrik Krieger, who passed away on March 14th 2022. Read more

22. March 2022 - How a mood hormone regulates memories

Bochum research team studies spatial memory. Dopamine significantly involved in recall performance. Read more

03. February 2022 - Exploring the strategies of categorization

Using a novel research method, Bochum-based research team identifies universal principles in categorisation learning. Read more

01. February 2022 - Nobody can do nothing, nobody can do everything!

Winners of 2021 writing competition selected. Read more

22. December 2021 - Disenchanted curves

Bochum-based research duo uncovers weaknesses in the interpretation of ROC curves. Read more

17. December 2021 - Limited brain capacity

Birds and humans have different networks of neurons in their brains. Yet their working memory is limited by similar mechanisms. Read more

13. December 2021 - RUBubbles simplify researchers' lives

New open-source software facilitates stimulus generation and enables customisation. Read more

22. November 2021 - Where touch is as good as sight

Visual and tactile sensory systems use the same features to recognise a novel object. Read more

15. October 2021 - Why do we remember stressful experiences better?

Bochum research team: Stress alters memory traces in the brain. Read more

30. September 2021 - BRAIN DAY 2021 - a review

BRAIN DAY 2021 offered exciting insights into the work of SFB 874. Read more

30. September 2021 - Technical "brain hacks", pain mechanisms and tumour therapies

BRAIN DAY 2021 offered exciting insights into the work of SFB 874. Read more