Press Releases

Here you can find the current press releases of SFB 874.
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17. November 2022 - Bochum primary school pupils paint the brain of the future

IGSN and SFB 874 honour winners of the 2022 painting competition. Read more

14. November 2022 - Communication as part of research

Junior researchers explore the world of media and social media. Read more

08. November 2022 - BRAIN DAY 2022 - A review

Around 400 visitors were taken on a journey into the world of brain research through lectures and a varied supporting programme. Read more

04. October 2022 - Mouse-human comparison reveals unexpected functions of the thalamus

Researchers have recreated the brain functions of mice and humans using computers. Read more

30. August 2022 - A better understanding of the brain

A day with focus on neuroscience with lectures, information stands and activities: 14.09.2022, 1pm to 5pm, RUB. Read more

18. August 2022 - Denise Manahan-Vaughan new at Leopoldina

The speaker of SFB 874 is now a member of the Neuroscience Section. Read more

10. August 2022 - Today, tomorrow, beyond tomorrow - The brain of the future

All pupils in the 3th and 4th grades of Bochum primary schools can take part. Read more

18. July 2022 - Excursion into the world of the brain

18-year-old Emelie had the chance to look over the shoulders of the SFB 874 scientists for a week. Read more

21. June 2022 - BRAIN DAY 2022 – PROGRAMME

A day under the sign of Bochum's neurosciences with lectures, information and hands-on activities. Read more

28. April 2022 - Sensory encoding and the emergence of memory

Neuroscientists discuss current research topics at the SFB 874/IGSN Conference at Ruhr-Universität Bochum. Read more

22. March 2022 - How a mood hormone regulates memories

Bochum research team studies spatial memory. Dopamine significantly involved in recall performance. Read more

20. March 2022 - Professor Patrik Krieger

We mourn the loss of our colleague, Professor Patrik Krieger, who passed away on March 14th 2022. Read more