Project B3 (Manahan-Vaughan)

Hauser et al. (

Sensory integration of place and head-direction cells


The hippocampal formation is a brain structure that is important for memory formation and navigation. In rodents it contains specific cells that only fire if the animal is at a particular location (place cells), or heading in a particular direction (head-direction cells). A key research focus for the third funding period comprises scrutiny of the longevity of place maps, exploration of the interdependency of head direction and place cells, and the role of synaptic plasticity in place map accuracy and stability. We conduct behavioural experiments, neurophysiological recordings, wide-scale calcium imaging in freely behaving rodent, along with comparative fMRI in humans and rodents.

Principal Investigator

Projects B1, B3, B10, Z1, Z2

Prof. Dr. Denise Manahan-Vaughan

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