PUPIL COMPETITION:Nobody can do nothing, nobody can do everything!

Writing competition 2021 for pupils of the 6th, 7th and 8th grades of all schools in Bochum

Billie Eilish’s song lyrics immediately stick in many young people’s brains – but when the English teacher asks how to form the “Present Perfect”, they have no idea how to search their memory. Without having to think about it, lots of goal scorers kick the ball into the corner of the net – but when it comes to the C7 chord on the keyboard, they miss for the thousandth time. Nobody can do nothing, nobody can do everything! What comes naturally to one person, others sometimes have to work hard to learn.

How do talent, effort and motivation fit together, and what happens in the brain during learning? When do humans reach their limits, or does the brain learn without limits? And what does science actually say about this?

Pupils in the 6th, 7th and 8th grades of all Bochum schools are invited by the RUB to tell their stories, thoughts and insights. Whether it’s a short story, song lyrics, poem, comic, diary entry, chat history or scientific research – anything is possible.

The text should not be longer than three A4 pages. You can work alone or in a team. Pupils from the 6th, 7th and 8th grades of all schools in Bochum can take part.

Ursula Heiler, Project Manager “Public Relations” SFB 874

Great prizes wait for the best authors. As far as the development of the pandemic allows, all winners will be invited to the award ceremony at the Ruhr University Bochum on 10 December 2021.

All conditions of participation are published on the website of the International Graduate School Of Neuroscience (IGSN).

The deadline for entries is 2 November 2021.